VULTREX G-123 / VULTREX 124  Heavy Duty Truck are red tacky greases designed to lubricate heavy duty truck components, such as wheel bearings, bushings, kingpins and chassis points found on vehicles operated by the mining, forestry, and transportation industries.

PRECISION Synthetic EP000 Trailer End Hub Axle Bearings
are specially formulated for rear end assemblies on trailers.

PRECISION XL EP00  On-Board Lubrication Systems
are semi-fluid lithium grease designed for on-board lubrication systems. Handles auto-greasing points on a truck.

VULTREX Rock Drill EP000 Air-Operated Rock Drills
are lithium semi-fluid grease specially formulated for mist-free operation when used to lubricate air-operated rock drills and similar mining equipment.

VULTREX Gear Dressing EP is an application that is for slow moving gears and chains, clutch mechanisms on hoists, head frames. High quality water and heat resistant lubricant with excellent film characteristics that provide increased protection against abnormally heavy loads and pressures. Specially formulated for lubrication of industrial gears and chains when applied by a caulking gun.


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