Transmission and Hydraulic Oils

DEXRON – VI delivers 2X the service life of DEXRON – III (H) ATF Fluids. Extends life of transmission through improved oxidation resistance, wear protection and friction durability.

ATF+4 offers optimized shift efficiency, improved oxidation and shear stability for use in DaimlerChrysler automatic transmissions. Back-serviceable in transmissions where ATF+3 fluids or earlier versions were recommended.

DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF
is Petro-Canada’s best Multi-Vehicle ATF. Advanced performance over conventional ATF. Enhanced friction and anti-shudder durability.

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF
is a specially formulated for commercial and heavy duty transmission systems. Offers extended drain intervals and multiple heavy duty credentials.

ATF D3M Transmission Fluid may be used in automatic transmissions where a fluid meeting the former DEXXRON-IIIH, -IIIG, -II2, or II. Demonstrates outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, giving long service life under severe operating conditions.

DURATRAN – Tractor Transmission – Hydraulic Fluid:
The Duratran line of heavy duty transmission-hydraulic fluids is designed for use in farm tractors, mining and construction equipment with a common oil system for transmission, differential, hydraulic, power take-off, wet brake and power-steering mechanisms. Available in a synthetic blend and pure synthetic.

PRODURO TO-4+ Transmission/Drive Train Lubricant is a line of Transmission and Drive Train Oils (TDTO) formulated to meet/exceed Caterpillar’s TO-4 requirements for transmission and drive line fluids. They are available in six viscosity grades: SAE 10W, 30, 50, 60, XL Lo Temp and Synthetic All-Season.

HYDREX Hydraulic Fluids
are premium performance, long life, hydraulic fluids. Available products are Hydrex AW, Hydrex MV, Hydrex XV, Hydrex MV Artic 15, and Hydrex Extreme.


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