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Duron truck lubricants

DURON-E Synthetic 10W/40 (API CJ-4) reaches the pinnacle of lubrication by extending oil drains and improves fuel economy through ease of start-up and lower viscous drag. It combines excellent pumpability with outstanding soot dispersancy, engine wear control and top-up performance. DURON-E Synthetic 10W/40 is the ultimate all-season, all-fleet heavy duty engine oil.

DURON-E XL Synthetic Blend 15W/40 (API CJ-4) is made with a synthetic base oil blend and high performance additives, delivers very good soot dispersancy, cold start-up performance and minimizes the need for top-up oil. It also protects vital engine parts while extending drain intervals.

DURON-E 15W/40 (API CJ-4) is a premium quality heavy duty engine oil, which is designed to improve engine reliability and reduce operating costs through its exceptional soot dispersancy and extended drain intervals. The DURON-E line exceeds the current requirements of API CJ-4 required for 2007 EPA compliant low emission on-road engines.

DURON XL Synthetic Blend 15W/40 (API CI-4 Plus) is a super premium, heavy duty engine oil specially formulated to meet the rigors of cold, harsh winters and is recommended for year round use in vehicles operating in both highway and off-highway applications. It possesses superior soot dispersing properties.

DURON Single Grade Engine Oils are universal oils, designed to lubricate engines in heavy duty service. They can be used in transmissions, where motor oil is specified. Also, they are excellent hydraulic fluids for mobile equipment where motor oil is specified. Duron Single Grade Engine Oils are available in five SAE grades: 10W, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

TRAXON 80W/90 Gear Oil (GL-5 / Mack GO-J)
provides outstanding long-lasting protection for reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Resists degradation and sludging for longer oil life with fewer change-outs and better protection of gears.

TRAXON 85W/140 Gear Oil (Mack GO-J) has outstanding shear stability and anti-wear EP additives protects equipment in tough, high load, high operating temperature conditions for extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend 75W/90 (Mack GO-J) offers excellent protection for cold weather conditions which means better gear protection at low temperatures and easier start-ups and cold weather shifting. Better torque efficiency vs. GL-5 80W/90 for reduced friction and more efficient operating performance which may lead to lower fuel consumption.

TRAXON Synthetic 75W/90 (Mack GO-J) provides outstanding low temperature protection in extreme cold weather conditions in the most extreme applications. Delivers outstanding torque efficiency, and excellent shear stability.

TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend 80W/140 (Mack GO-J) provides excellent shear stability for retention of viscosity to help protect equipment against metal-to-metal contact and wear. Delivers advanced resistance to degradation and sludging. Better torque and energy efficiency.

TRAXON E Synthetic 75W/90 & 80W/140 has Eaton / Road Ranger/ Arvin-Meritor Approved synthetic gear and transmission lubricants. It contains extreme pressure additives and are specially formulated to operate under a variety of load conditions and protect gears and bearings against rust, corrosion and oxidation.

TRAXON E Synthetic CD-50 has Eaton / Road Ranger/ Arvin-Meritor Approved synthetic gear and transmission lubricants. It provides superior year-round manual transmission fluid performance where a non-EP transmission lubricant is required. It contains an anti-wear additive, as well as rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to protect vital transmission parts in severe heat, oxidation and shear conditions.


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